Monday, September 2, 2013

Cooperstown, NY

Cooperstown, NY - Home of the Baseball Hall of Fame and an ideal chartered day trip!
(Pictured: Double Day Field at the Baseball Hall of Fame)

There is only one place that combines fall foliage, playoff baseball and history.

Cooperstown, NY

The Major League Baseball season is in the playoff stretch and many teams in the Northeast are in the playoff hunt.  What better way to celebrate your fanhood and your annual fall foliage trip than a flight to Cooperstown, NY?!  Peak fall foliage for this area is the first week of October.  Highways and byways offer a nice but stressful fall foliage trip for you and your family or friends, but flying at 7,000 feet offers a breathtaking and picturesque view of the great Northeast.

Now is the time to plan your end of September or beginning of October trip with Way to Go Air Charter.  Contact Craig at 717-465-6697 to book this trip of a live time.

Not to be missed:
of course ... Baseball Hall of Fame

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Portland, ME

Portland Head Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth, ME is on of the most
famous lighthouses in the world. (Photo courtesy of

If Portland, ME isn't on your list of places to visit...then you need to adjust your list.

In the past three years, Portland has garnered the attention of just about every major news outlet on the East Coast.  Once known simply for its lobster fishing and cold winters, Portland is now known for it's lighthouses, scenic views, food choices and - The Old Port.

The Old Port is the place to be in Portland.  On the waterfront there are plenty of tourist attractions (whale watching, speed boats, restaurants on ships) and shopping to do.  You could fill up an entire day (and many stomachs) with the shopping and dining choices along these cobblestone streets.  The greatest thing about Old Port is that you don't feel like you're in a tourist trap.  The city does a great job of separating the high volume attractions from the quaint shops and restaurants.  

New England is known for its selection of craft brews.  If you have a chance stop by Gritty's and pick up a growler of the local flavor.  There are some other great local craft brew selections: Allagash, Geary's and Shipyard just to name a few.  

Don't want to burst your bubble, but don't expect to see any moose while you're in Portland.  You'll have to head further inland to see them.  However, little known fact, there are more moose in Maine then registered Republicans.  Don't let that scare you away though.

Some websites to visit:
Visit Maine
NY Times: 36 Hours in Portland, ME

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tangier Island, VA: America's Sports Town

In 2010, Tangier Island got High Speed Internet and was able
to watch sports.  The state of Virginia named it the Biggest Sports
Town in America (per capita).  The title was the basis for a recent ESPN
Admittedly, there isn't a whole lot to do on this small island in the Chesapeake Bay.  

That is the best part about it.

The residents have watched decades of trends come and go.  Doing nothing more than put down the newspaper long enough to glance at the (non HD) TV news reporter talk about tweeting, friending and connecting.

This island is so old-school, that linguists are drawn to the island because of the native's accent - its an English Restorian dialect of American English.  It's similar to a dialect in North Carolina, but nowhere else in the country do people speak this language than on this .2 square mile island.

So why profile such a small, boring place?  Well, because they have an airport, friendly local restaurants, a museum and just an awesomely simple way of living that will let you forget about the hustle bustle of your daily grind.  

For instance, go to their official tourism website and instead of providing a list of rental car agencies, taxis and transportation options they provide the names of two locals that you can rent golf carts from -Tommy & Claudine Eskridge.  Once you arrive you skip on down to the Four Brother's Crab House (crabbing is the only industry on the island) and your golf cart will be waiting for you.  Where else can you find that simplicity and hospitality?

By the way, the reason there aren't more transportation options is because cars aren't allowed on the island - just bikes and golf carts and the shoe-sole express (walking).

Boats and airplanes are the only ways on and off the island.  So when you want to get away from it all and go back to the good ole' days head to Tangier Island, Virginia.

Helpful Links:
Tangier Island Museum
Wikipedia Page
Official Tourism Website

Friday, February 17, 2012

Saratoga Springs, NY

This sign translated means "Spa, Potato Chips & Horse Betting."

As it turns out, Simon Baruch knew exactly what he was doing at the turn of the 19th Century.  When he moved his family to the United States from Germany he wanted to bring along a new wave of medical treatments called "European Spas."  A burgeoning village in Central New York was the perfect place for his new medical facility.  Saratoga Springs became home for these spas because of the natural mineral springs that could be found anywhere near the village.  To this day, you can visit these springs and drink some of the freshest water you will ever taste.

Horse Racing
By far and away, mineral water is the least exciting thing you will encounter during your stay in Saratoga Springs.  Despite a period of time in the 1950's, the race track has been a popular destination for horse racing fans since the Saratoga Race Way was built in 1863.   For 40 days every summer (July 20th - September 3rd) horse races are the center of attention at the Race Way.

Horse racing is no joke in Saratoga Springs.  In fact, the movie Seabiscuit was filmed on the Race Way in 2002.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of traveling back in time.  While in Saratoga Springs you have to stop by the courtyard at the Adelphi Hotel hotel.  The second you step foot in the hotel you feel like you should shed your cell phone and light up a cigar instead.  When you head out to the outdoor courtyard you expect to see Sinatra sitting right next to you.

You would never expect a small town in Central New York to have the cowboy vibe that it has, but most of the downtown merchants have a country western theme to the apparel they sell.

Most of the time, when people go on vacation they want to eat the food that is native to the area.  Well, you are in Central New York - too far for buffalo wings from Buffalo and garbage plates from Rochester haven't really caught on in Saratoga Springs. Have no fear though, two of the greatest food inventions were invented in Saratoga Springs - the club sandwich (1894) and potato chips (1853).  

Tip of the Iceberg
Not many towns can lay claim to the fact that their town was used as a theme for a high-end Disney Resort.  Go find out what Baruch and Disney saw when they visited this town.  There is still plenty more to explore.

Whether you are into horse racing or not, Saratoga Springs is an awesome place to visit.  Next time you pick up a bottle of Saratoga Spring Water in the famous blue bottle you should consider visiting the town and getting it fresh from the tap!

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Annapolis, MD

18th Century architecture lines the crab-cake-scented air in Annapolis, MD.  
Nowhere else in the country can you get crabcakes quite like you can in the Chesapeake Bay Area.  Each region of the country has its own delicacy, but rarely does the meal live up to the billing.

Not the case in Annapolis, MD.  Get. The. Crabcakes.

Just as impressive as the selection of dining in Annapolis, is the town itself.  If you like brick buildings then you've come to the right place.  The self-proclaimed 'Sailing Capital of America' is home to more 18th Century brick buildings than any other town in the country.  Annapolis, MD falls into the category of 'places I'd like to go, but can't get there.'  However, with affordable air charter, those crabcakes are only a short flight away.

Almost impossible to miss is the US Naval Academy which is open to tours most days of the year.  Click on the link below to get a detailed schedule of tours.  The precision and accuracy of these cadets is simply amazing.  Something you won't witness anywhere else in the country (unless you're at another military academy.)

Get to Annapolis, MD for the charm and stay for the crabcakes!  A perfect get away is only a short flight away.  

Helpful Websites:
Annapolis Visitor's Guide
Excursions to do while in town
Naval Academy Tours

Monday, January 30, 2012

College Tours

All those years of properly raising your children are about to pay off
...time to pick a college.
If you are the parent of a high school junior or senior you are probably experiencing some mixed emotions.

On one hand, your child is about to embark on a giant step in his or her life.  You must be proud.  

On the other, he or she has not found a college that is a good fit...that means more college tours.  More 1.5 hour trips around college campuses complete with declarations on why this college is the best and tour guides that haven't exactly mastered public speaking (ummmm & like.)

All of a sudden those 5th grade band concerts don't sound to bad!

It's a stressful time for you and your family.  Scholarships, financing, finding the perfect fit, new friends, new roommates, empty-nest.  All thoughts that will keep you up at night.

One thought that shouldn't keep you up at night is the notion of driving hours to make it on campus in time for the 10am information session and campus tour.  Leave that up to Way to Go Air Charter.  The concept of visiting multiple cities instead of multiple campuses is entirely in the realm of possibilities when you fly.

For example, Rochester, NY has two world class institutions that you could visit in one day.  University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology have tours around 10am and 2pm.  Without having to spend the night in town, you could tour both these universities in one day and be home by early evening.

Boston, MA is another college town.  In fact, in the Northeast there are hundreds of colleges universities.  Why limit your son or daughter's choices based on driving distance?

Your son or daughter will immediately know what campus is right the second he/she steps foot on campus.  Enjoy your trip.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ocean City, NJ: America's Greatest Family Resort

Whether you need a quick getaway, taking your family on a vacation or meeting friends/family at their vacation rental, Ocean City, NJ is the perfect place for your trip.

The Jersey Shore is known for having 'something for everybody.'  Now that MTV has taken claim to the term "Jersey Shore" the territories had to become more clearly defined.  It goes something like this (heading north to south):

Ocean City, NJ fits right in between Atlantic City and Sea Isle City.  It's distinction is "America's Greatest Family Resort."  Often times you'll hear people mention that "I've been there, my parents would take me there to walk on the boardwalk and get salt water taffy."  Ocean City, NJ is steeped in tradition that is more prevalent than any other coastal town in New Jersey.  

Ultimately, people go to Ocean City for its beaches.  Combed beaches, life-guarded waters and easy access to food, entertainment and restrooms.  7th Street beach is a great place to hangout and watch the surfers while catching the rays.

A couple must-do's: 
OCNJ is truly a unique experience.  Don't worry if you track sand in the airplane.  It is much welcomed!

Oh...and by the way...this is your first and only warning - once you get the sand of OCNJ in between your toes you know you'll be back!

See you soon.